Benefits of Using the CP Browser

Play Movie Files

Movie files can be played from either of the five different views on either the Movies or Search screens.

In the Thumbnail, Summary and Detail view, if the movie is a movie file, the help text "Play Movie" will appear when your mouse moves over the image. When you click on the image, the movie will play using your default movie player.

In t he List and Text view, the titles for movie files will be in bold and you can play the movie by clicking on the title.

Run Widget Print Directory From Within The Movie Manager

Create a PrintDirectory text file of your movie files from the Import Txt screen

Pages Load Faster

The caching feature of the browser allows your search result pages with images to display much faster.

Clean Look

The browser has a clean, uncluttered look with few buttons and you never have to worry about unwelcome pop ups.

Using the CP browser for the first time

There is nothing to install and it is guaranteed not to have any viruses or spyware. By checking the 'Use CP Browser' box, when you log into the movie manager, you will be prompted to download the CP browser. You can either download and save the program or just run it from the Download screen.

Desktop Shortcut

You can download CinemaPremiereOnline.exe and place it on your desktop or create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Once you log in the first time, every subsequent time you click on CinemaPremiereOnline you will be taken directly to your movie manager's start page.

Start you movie manager when you PC boots up

Or if you prefer, you can add it to your Programs > Startup folder and it will automatically start the movie manager for you when you boot your PC. If you set your Movie Manager's Start Screen in the Options > Miscellaneous menu to Movies, your movies will be waiting for you.