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How to Install the Cinema Premiere Personal Server Movie Manager

Before installing the Personal Server Movie Manager, you must have a working web server with PHP and MySQL installed. The following pages will walk you through installing IIS, PHP and MySQL on a PC running Windows XP Pro. The Personal Server Movie Manager will also run on an Apache web server (Cinema Premiere Online is currently running on an Apache server), and the Abyss web server. There is also a work around to install IIS on a PC running Windows XP Home that you can read about here, although I have not personally tried this since I do not have XP Home.

Once you have a web server, PHP and MySQL installed and before purchasing the Personal Server Movie Manager, I recommend downloading the free Personal Server Test software to make sure everything is functioning properly. The test software is a slimmed down version of the movie manager. There are only 4 movies in the database and you can only search and sort those movies. Follow these instructions to install the test software.

If the test software works properly then you are good to go. Purchase the personal server and follow these instructions to install the Personal Server Movie Manager.

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