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1/31/13 changed their message format again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I updated ... More Info >>

Cinema Premiere Deluxe Movie Manager 1.1 - SOFTPEDIA '100% CLEAN' AWARD

The editors of Sofotex has awarded Cinema Premiere a 5 start rating.

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Movie Manager
Future Enhancements

  1. Add UPC field to edit screen
  2. Add location default to the options default screen.
  3. Add Print All button to Summary view.
  4. Personal Server - Add an option to delete movie entries where the movie no longer exists in the movie's path/filename.
  5. Add drop down menu to select number of movies to display on the Personal Server command line search screen.
  6. Add plugin for copying DVDs to Divx
  7. Create a forgot parental control pw screen and prompt on help options default file to email user the pw.
  8. add noticesent and noticedisplayed to the members table so only one notice will be sent when the user's membership is about to expire. May also want to pop up a message in startcinemapremiere when their membership will expire in 5 days. Set a value in noticed displayed so it will only display one time.
  9. add arrow down on search screens to take you to the bottom and add an arrow on the bottom to take you to the top.
  10. Add maintenance program
    1. Automatically be started each day
    2. Go through each cover image to see if any user is using it. If not, delete it. See deleteall in mediamyway for traversing through the images. (this should be done only weekly or monthly)
  11. In CP Online files, if include IMBD_functions.php, do not need include and if either are included, do not need connect_to_movies. already changed in CP PS.
  12. On advanced search screen, allow keywords separated by + to mean this keyword and that keyword and keywords separated by , to mean this keyword or that keyword and keywords separated by space to search for the exact words as typed in.
  13. On Misc Options screen, add additional years. will also need to be modified to get the additional fields. Also add a user list so each family member can have their own personal rating and seen field.
  14. To sell DVDs on ebay, add $_GET['movieid'] to search default and default detail screens to display only that movie. Add startebay.php to set user cookies to ebay user and redirect to search default screen with $_GET. may need to use windows.location to pass link from button or do it like the forgot?.
  15. Write a Cinema Premiere stand alone application in C++.